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With over a half century of knowledge and experience in the broadcast industry, Auction Excess LLC is THE choice to repurpose your inventory. Knowing the equipment, the market and the buyers ensures that you are working with a company that will get you the most revenue for your assets. Whether you have an entire facility that you would like to sell or a handful of key items, let Auction Excess LLC take the stress of selling off your hands. Auctions can be facilitated at your location or ours.

In today's age of technology we have found that Online Auctions generate the most revenue and reach an international audience. Online Auctions are timed auctions which allow bidding over several days. You are guaranteed to get the most for your assets as there is no "sniping" (a buyer makes a bid at the last possible second and wins the lot): if someone makes a bid in the last 4 minutes of the auction, that lot will be extended an additional 4 minutes to ensure every buyer has a chance to raise their bid. This guarantees that no money is left on the table. Buyers can also place a "maximum bid" and the software will increase their bid automatically.

Auction Excess LLC takes care of all phases of your auction which would include: preparation of gear for auction, staging, cleaning, tagging, photographing, advertising, supervised inspection and removal as well as running the auction including administration. We will also perform inventory pick up, transportation and storage if needed.

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